Fun for all. All for fun.

Together We Run

A running event means different things to different people. Everyone who steps up to the start line does it with their own personal goals, creating a field of thousands, moving together toward individual concepts of victory. The 13.1 Miami Beach celebrates these individual victories and what it takes for each participant to achieve them. We know that going the distance is more than just logging miles. We are going to be there every step of the way. Relentless. Forward. Progress.



.1 Finish Line Experience

The 13.1 Miami Beach celebrates the significant accomplishment in completing this distance. We want to welcome our runners home in a way that they will never forget and help get spectators involved in cheering on their loved ones across the finish line. This signature experience allows the 13.1 Miami Beach to be that welcome wagon, outfitting the entire last .1 with elements that will enliven all of the runners and spectators senses and get them across the finish line in grand style!

Market 14

Market 14 is a new concept for post-race, authentic engagement with racers and their friends and family. Market 14 is a marketplace concept that helps celebrate and inspire 13.1 finishers by engaging them in a creative and exciting way at the finish line. Modeled after a farmers market concept, Market 14 seeks to provide a lifestyle experience. Samples of products, engaging activities, the post-race beer garden, shopping and entertainment will combine to provide a valued experience at a time when runners are seeking to relax and bask in their accomplishment.